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economic development solutions

Economic Development

We assist both government and private sector clients in strategic thinking and the efficient and successful implementation of economic development programs and projects. Learn More
transportation solutions


We provide clear understanding of the economics driving the household and governmental transportation choices that is crucial to guide private and public transportation investments. Learn More
real estate solutions

Real Estate

We frequently assist private sector and government clients in a wide range of analyses, advice, planning, and presentation. Learn More
Public Policy/Finance solutions

Public Policy/Finance

We help state and local governments develop strategies to efficiently deliver public services, and develop tax revenue streams that are fair and impose the least distortion to the private economy. Learn More
litigation support solutions

Litigation Support

We offer opinions in competition and regulation litigation consulting, and expert testimony in a variety of commercial disputes, arising from strategic business decision-making or public policy. Learn More
economic development
real estate
public policy/finance
litigation support

About Us

Econsult Solutions Inc. provides insights into economic problems, policy questions, and strategic thinking. Our work focuses on providing customized economic expert services in Real Estate, Transportation, Economic Development, and Public Policy and Finance. In addition, we provide Litigation Support services in over 40 industries, as well as customized Solutions to a variety of clients.

Our staff members have outstanding professional and academic credentials, including active positions at the university level, wide experience at the highest levels of the public policy process and extensive consulting experience.

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Featured Project

Philadelphia Housing Index > 2014 > Q2


The Philadelphia housing market had another strong spring this quarter. Quality-adjusted prices of single-family houses in Philadelphia increased by an average of 5.1 percent this quarter and are up 3.1 percent from a year ago. The past five years have seen similar growth in second quarters, and the past two years have trended positive overall. Read More...

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News & Events

  • The Economic and Fiscal Impacts of Comcast Corporation

    Econsult Solutions, Inc. (ESI) prepared a study on the Economic and Fiscal Impacts of Comcast Corporation on the city of Philadelphia and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Proposed Comcast Innovation and Technology Center.
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  • ESI On The Boards

    Lee Huang began the new year by adding to his impressive associations by joining the Community Design Collaborative Board of Directors.
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  • The Citywide Ferry Study 2013

    Econsult Solutions, Inc. (ESI) contributed to The Citywide Ferry Study 2013 report commissioned by New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC). ESI assessed the real estate and development benefits attributable to the East River Ferry (view page 14)
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  • ESI's Economic and Fiscal Impact Analysis

    >The City of Philadelphia and its Higher Eds: Shared Goals, Shared Missions, Shared Results >more
    >The Economic Impact of Drexel University >more
    >The Potential Impact of the Provence Entertainment Complex >more
    >The Economic Benefits of Historic Preservation Activities in Pennsylvania >more

    >More on Economic and Fiscal Impact Analyses >link
    >Solutions For: Non-Profit Institutions > link