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About Us

Our Firm

Econsult Solutions Inc. provides businesses and public policy makers with economic consulting services in urban economics, real estate economics, transportation, public infrastructure, development, public policy and finance, community and neighborhood development, planning, as well as expert witness services for litigation support.

Our firm has the capability to engage in projects of any size, from comprehensive long-term studies involving complicated economic arguments and extensive data analysis, to short-term advisory support. Whether working independently or on joint-venture projects, our flexibility and customized approach allow us to respond to a vast range of client needs.


Our Expertise: Economics, Policy, and Strategy

Our scope is large, and our expertise specific. Econsult Solutions, Inc. assists clients in the evaluation of economic and fiscal outcomes of programs and developments, offers city and regional planning insight and advice, provides GIS analytic services, yields financial projections and advises investors and governments on projects, developments, and policy outcomes, and has the economic skills and expertise to process, analyze, and manage large and complex datasets.

We thrive to provide our clients with the appropriate solutions to make strategic decisions. We recognize that each client has a different set of needs requiring customized solutions. We provide Solutions For:

  • Architects
  • Bankers
  • Business Development Directors
  • Developers
  • Foundations
  • Fundraisers
  • Government Agencies
  • Housing Authorities
  • Interest Councils
  • Institutions
  • Law Firms
  • Non-Profit Leaders
  • Trade and Industry Associations
  • Urban Planners


Our People

Our Partners and Senior Advisors include nationally recognized experts in urban development, real estate, government and public policy, planning, transportation, non-profit management, business strategy and administration, as well as litigation and commercial damages. Staff members have outstanding professional and academic credentials, including active positions at the university level, wide experience at the highest levels of the public policy process and extensive consulting experience.



In 2000, Stephen P. Mullin and, in 2001, Richard P .Voith joined Econsult Corporation, a Philadelphia-based employment litigation support firm, and expanded the company’s scope by providing businesses and public policy makers with new economic consulting services.

In 2010, Econsult Corporation and Fairmount Capital Advisors, Inc. joined forces in a new venture known as The Econsult/Fairmount Group.

Today, the economic consulting practice continues with Econsult Solutions Inc., a new, independent company, now led by Principals Stephen P. Mullin, Richard P. Voith, Peter A. Angelides, and Lee Huang. The Fairmount Capital Advisors relationship will continue with Econsult Solutions Inc., and be a part of The Econsult Group.