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ESI Blog

Turning Fiscal Impact Analysis Upside Down

Over the last year, our Community Data Analytics (CDA) team has been busy presenting this groundbreaking methodology to assess development-related impacts to a larger audience and demonstrating how our data products can help make better planning decisions. As part of this... >read more

Philadelphia Housing Values Have Surged

The 2016 Housing Market has Benefitted Neighborhoods Across the City The ESI Philadelphia Housing Index (PHI) has been updated with data through the end of 2016, and shows that the market is still going strong. During 2016, city housing prices surged... >read more

Rent, Buy or Sell – Here’s How Digital Can Help

Technology has been the driver of numerous changes across all business areas and real estate is no exception. It is now possible to know pricing and availability in real time. The public aggregation of data has completely changed the landscape... >read more

Examining Philly’s Voter Turnout

Local Elections and Turnout The 2017 Philadelphia primaries are now mere months away. So far in this space, I’ve examined the role of randomized ballot position for the city as a whole and within wards. Today, let’s focus on election... >read more

Newly Engaged in Politics, Anxious for 2018?

Look No Further than May 2017 The 2016 Presidential Election is little more than a month removed, and many Philadelphians are feeling newly engaged in politics with an eye towards the 2018 and 2020 elections. Well, did you know that... >read more