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ESI Blog

Could Center City Homes be Driving Millennials Out?

If you enjoy reading about the real estate market, there is one topic that is unavoidable—millennials. Every month there seems to be a new question about this generation and how they’re affecting one part of the economy or another. Will... >read more

Step By Step: How to Create an ‘R’ Shiny App

In a previous Step By Step by my fellow analyst James Midkiff, readers were introduced to the statistical software ‘R’, and how ESI increasingly uses this resource for analyses. In this week’s post I build on what James introduced and... >read more

ESI’s Favorite Buildings in Philly

It seems as if each day passes with a new crane being erected in Philadelphia. With the city amidst a building boom, we thought it would be a good idea to reflect on some of our favorite buildings, both new... >read more

The Philadelphia Housing Index Flattens in May

Though the Market Remains at Record Highs After a huge March and April for Philadelphia housing sales, May prices settled and the housing index remained flat. It’s important to not overreact to what could very well be noise (notice that... >read more

Main Streets Evolving and (Mostly) Thriving

Hardly a day goes by without news of a major department store, big box retailer, or popular chain store scaling back or closing its doors. Based on the pace to date, in 2017, Credit Suisse estimates that U.S. retailers will... >read more