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ESI Blog

The Rise of Autonomous Vehicles

The idea of self-driving vehicles has been touted by Richard Threlfall, Global Head of Infrastructure at KPMG, as a “transport revolution” with an accelerating rate of innovation. Automotive manufacturers and developers are funneling billions into R&D, and cities and states... >read more

Center City District and the PHI

Last week, the Center City District (CCD) released Housing Development in Perspective: 2018, which examines housing development in Greater Center City—an area that has expanded as the “downtown” has grown. Greater Center City is now considered the area bounded by... >read more

A Conversation on Design Thinking

Last month, we convened our Senior Advisors to a roundtable on design thinking. Facilitated by ESI Senior Vice President Lee Huang, we discussed what design thinking is and how we could infuse it more systematically into what we do, from... >read more

Step by Step: Machine Learning

This is the latest installment in our Step By Step series, where analysts and research assistants showcase how we use cutting edge tools and resources to complete projects. ESI uses all of these programs and utilities to better serve our... >read more

Funding Public Water: The Protection/Commodity Conundrum

We take the instantaneous availability of safe water for granted. Which is not surprising, since we are 164 years removed from the cholera outbreak in London, which triggered the advances in sanitation that have mostly eliminated water-borne illnesses in the... >read more

Urban China

Recently, I traveled to Guangzhou, China for several weeks, and visited the Pearl Delta. ESI President, Dr. Richard Voith was with me in Hong Kong as well, meeting with local professionals. Both of us were impressed with the growth and... >read more

Retirement Savings in a Low Interest Rate Environment

As experts in public finance and public policy, Econsult Solutions, Inc.(ESI) has conducted detailed analyses on the preparedness of private sector workers for retirement, and evaluated policy and economic considerations associated with state and local programs. Recently, ESI performed a study... >read more

7 Lessons Learned from Silicon Valley

What are the traits of a digital leader in wealth and asset management? What are the steps to get there? As investment firms come to grips with massive disruption in their industry, there are lessons to be learned from Amazon’s impact... >read more

PHI Year in Review: New Neighborhoods Showing Promise

As 2017 closed, the normalized price of housing in Philadelphia was around $120,000. This represents the price for a house with average physical traits (age, square footage, lot size, location on the block) while subtracting out seasonal effects. It amounts to... >read more