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ESI Blog

Long Weekend Labor Day Reads

As the summer winds down, enjoy these last couple of days by unwinding with our selected favorite articles from the month of August. Whether you’re having a 3-day weekend getaway, BBQ-ing with friends and family, or simply relaxing, these light reads will... >read more

Could Center City Homes be Driving Millennials Out?

If you enjoy reading about the real estate market, there is one topic that is unavoidable—millennials. Every month there seems to be a new question about this generation and how they’re affecting one part of the economy or another. Will... >read more

Step By Step: How to Create an ‘R’ Shiny App

In a previous Step By Step by my fellow analyst James Midkiff, readers were introduced to the statistical software ‘R’, and how ESI increasingly uses this resource for analyses. In this week’s post I build on what James introduced and... >read more