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ESI Blog

Simulating the Court of Common Pleas Election

The 2017 Philadelphia Primary election is May 16th. In prior posts, we’ve looked into the dynamics of an often-overlooked race: judges for the Court of Common Pleas. In a few short days, voters will elect judges to serve ten-year terms... >read more

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Basically everyone knows that I love apples. But anyone who really knows me knows my absolute favorite type of apple. While I regularly eat an ordinary Gala or Fuji apple, no type stands a chance against the humongous crispy yellow... >read more

Step By Step: A Guide on How ESI Uses CARTO

The two first posts in our Step-by-Step series demonstrated how ESI uses R for data manipulation and graphing and ESRI to map the economics and demographics of a select geographic area. This third installment will show you how we use CARTO, a GIS and web... >read more

Mapping Banking Data

Demonstrating the Banking Industry’s Affects on Communities ESI Senior Vice President Lee Huang’s op-ed, How Neighborhoods Could Lose if Trump Succeeds in Rolling Back Bank Reforms, published in Next City demonstrates how reduced access to data could be detrimental to communities... >read more

Step By Step: A Guide to How ESI Uses ESRI

The first edition of the Step-by-Step series demonstrated how ESI uses R for data manipulation and graphing. This step in the series will show you one for economic analyses and forecasts. ESRI Business Analyst is an extremely powerful tool that allows us to gather data... >read more

The Dimensions of Philadelphia’s Democratic Primaries

Elections can be challenging to model. Philadelphia, in a Democratic primary, has 66 wards, over 100 candidates, and thousands of issues. And wards, candidates, and issues don’t exactly wear signs that declare what “type” they are. We broadly talk about “party”... >read more