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ESI Blog

Philadelphia Housing Index: Neighborhoods and Heat Maps

Another week, another update to our Philadelphia Housing Index. Last week, we provided indices for school catchment areas. This week: neighborhoods.   Philadelphia Neighborhoods We calculated indices for each of Philadelphia’s 67 neighborhoods. [1] Similar to the Elementary School Indices, these neighborhoods... >read more

Philadelphia Housing Index: Back to School

We heard your requests, and have added a new feature to the Philadelphia Housing Index: Schools! We have reanalyzed the indices using school catchment areas, and have produced the housing indices for Elementary and High Schools. Methodology The methodology for... >read more

Remodeling Philly’s Housing Price Index

Welcome to the Econsult Solutions Philadelphia Housing Index! Today, we are excited to release the new ESI Philadelphia Housing Index (PHI). Like its predecessor, the new PHI measures changes in the sales price of Philadelphia’s housing units through time, adjusting housing... >read more

Labor Day Long Reads

As Summer nears its end, Labor Day Weekend gives many people one last chance to unwind, relax, and take time to enjoy a few long reads. For this week’s blog post we have created a list of our favorite thought-provoking... >read more

Fit Cities: How Public Policy Gets You Moving

Every year, several publications put forth lists of fit and healthy cities.  Each publication combines a certain set of metrics to generate their lists. In looking at a sample of different healthiest and fittest city rankings published in 2015 and... >read more

Generational Change in Car Usage

In September 2015, the Washington Post wrote the obituary for “America’s fading car culture” entitled “Cruising toward Oblivion,” [i] echoing a June 2013 New York Times piece entitled “The End of Car Culture” which declared that, “America’s love affair with... >read more