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ESI Blog

Moving Cities: Berlin

Since the fall of the Wall in 1989, Berlin has emerged as one of Europe’s cutting edge intellectual, cultural, and economic centers. For anyone interested in the evolution of transportation and development patterns, visiting Berlin is a bargain: you can... >read more

APA Conference 2016 Highlights

[View the story “APA National Conference 2016 – Emerging trends, highlights, and the future of planning” on Storify]

Open Access PHL Meetup: Stronger Neighborhoods

On April 1, Philadelphian thinkers, planners, data enthusiasts, and civic leaders met for the monthly Open Access PHL meeting. The convening's focus was on neighborhood development and revitalization, which brought a diverse set of speakers - Ellen Weber, Lee Huang, Saleem Chapman, Omar Woodard.

The economic case for fixing blight

Vacancy and blight can be found corroding property values and the quality of life of neighborhood residents. There are many housing studies that measure the impacts of such negative circumstances occurring in a neighborhood. For example, many papers have evaluated the... >read more

Water Watch

Water – The New Oil ? In 2008, while doing some personal visioning for my financial future, I compiled a list of stocks that were proving to be ‘quiet giants’ and were becoming a type of international utility. Water companies such... >read more

Moving Cities: Denver

Last spring, people from around the world came to Denver for the 4/20 celebration of the one year anniversary of Colorado’s decision to make marijuana use legal. The 4/20 event was one that could not have been dreamed about 25... >read more

Moving Cities: Bangkok

This is the first post of a series titled Moving Cities, which is dedicated to exploring the vast diversity of cities and how their transit systems shape them. It will examine the organizational structure of transit in relation to the city,... >read more

Is Philly Ready for Climate Change?

Just two months into the new year, Philadelphia has already experienced a near-record weather event – the January 23 snowstorm that brought 22 inches of snow. Philadelphia residents can expect more events like this in the future, according to a... >read more