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ESI Blog

Generational Change in Car Usage

In September 2015, the Washington Post wrote the obituary for “America’s fading car culture” entitled “Cruising toward Oblivion,” [i] echoing a June 2013 New York Times piece entitled “The End of Car Culture” which declared that, “America’s love affair with... >read more

How Fair Are Your City’s Lending Practices?

Over the past forty years, legislation has been enacted at the federal, state, and local levels to regulate the banking industry and protect individuals against unfair lending practices.  As a result of the Great Recession, financial and housing markets have... >read more

One Way (Of Many) To Be A World-Class City

A number of years ago I commented in an op-ed that Philadelphia, center of one of the largest metropolitan economies in the world, seemed to be “America’s largest little engine that couldn’t” and our standard line was, “We aren’t big... >read more

Long Weekend, Lounging Reads

After stressful work weeks during these brutally hot summer months, we all deserve an excuse to sit back, relax, and enjoy some thought-provoking and entertaining reads. This upcoming 4th of July weekend is the time to celebrate with family and... >read more

International Soccer Market Kicks Off in the U.S.

As I was heading to the Copa American Centenario soccer match at Lincoln Financial Field on June 11, 2016, I began to wonder how soccer in the U.S., in particular, international tournaments and exhibition matches, has generated significant spending from... >read more

The Takeaways from BIO Convention 2016

The best of the life science and biotechnology industries can be seen at the annual Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) Convention. This massive venue brings in large companies and start-ups, as well as academic institutions and representatives from national and local... >read more