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ESI Blog

The Takeaways from BIO Convention 2016

The best of the life science and biotechnology industries can be seen at the annual Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) Convention. This massive venue brings in large companies and start-ups, as well as academic institutions and representatives from national and local... >read more

Do Neighborhoods Spread?

Growing up White in West Philly, I thought a lot about neighborhood boundaries. Somehow, despite “West Philadelphia” being predominantly Black, my block at 47th Street was entirely White. To the east, towards Penn and Drexel and Center City, lay more... >read more

Moving Cities: Copenhagen

Denmark’s capital city, Copenhagen, is often touted as the poster child for the movement towards sustainable urbanism. It earned this superlative through its legacy of public investment and of prioritizing the elements that make a city livable, including a diverse... >read more

A new technique for more accurate impact assessment

States, municipalities, and school districts make land use decisions that influence their fiscal and economic conditions. Understanding the effects of those decisions on schools, traffic and municipal services can help to prevent school overcrowding, gridlock, gaps in services and fiscal distress. A fiscal impact... >read more

Old City, New Look

Old City District in Philadelphia has long been a tourist destination for American history lovers. With 4.3 million annual visitors to the Independence National Historic Park and the recent honor of being named America’s first World Heritage City, Old City... >read more

Running the Numbers, Tracking the Impact

As I sat down to lunch on April 17th at Joe’s American Bar and Grille, I stared around the crowded restaurant. The dining room was filled with excited athletes, many of whom were wearing their official blue and yellow Boston... >read more

Breaking Down the Criticisms of the EB-5 Program

As with all topics surrounding immigration, there is controversy. The EB-5 visa investor program, whose aim is to bring foreign money and create jobs, is no exception. Media coverage skyrocketed this past fall with the fast approaching program deadline. For... >read more

Decoding Tax Policy and Administration

Issues of tax policy and administration can often be clouded. They can be overly complicated and overtly politicized, making it difficult for the taxpayers to fully understand their tax code and what their taxes are being used for. Serving as... >read more

Moving Cities: Berlin

Since the fall of the Wall in 1989, Berlin has emerged as one of Europe’s cutting edge intellectual, cultural, and economic centers. For anyone interested in the evolution of transportation and development patterns, visiting Berlin is a bargain: you can... >read more