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Community Data Analytics


The Community Data Analytics (CDA) team provides up-to-date customized demographic analyses and projections for communities. Supported by experienced planners, analysts, modelers, and econometricians, CDA works with clients to analyze local demographic trends and provide demographic multipliers that planning agencies, school districts, and fiscal specialists rely on for population forecasts and to understand projects’ fiscal, demographic, and traffic impact.

CDA has developed a cutting-edge Planning Ratio Estimation Program (PREP) to generate demographic multipliers. The PREP selects records in the most current Public Use Microdata Samples to create samples such as the mover sample, the recently built unit sample, or other customized samples. It reports demographic multipliers by housing configurations defined by structure types, number of bedrooms and other factors.

Ensuring a community’s future success and development takes careful and accurate planning. This can only happen with the most up-to-date and precise data. CDA is committed to providing the necessary and actionable insights into demographic conditions and trends in communities across the United States.

With CDA analytics, you plan with confidence. Click below to download the most up-to-date Demographic Multipliers.