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Our team

Econsult Solutions, Inc. has assembled an enthusiastic team of talented people who play a key role in the success of our projects and in making this a great place to work.


Carlos Bonilla

At ESI, Carlos offers background in spatial analysis, cartography, urban issues, web development and environmental issues.


Gabrielle Connor is a Research Analyst at Econsult Solutions, Inc. She is a graduate of Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics.

Elizabeth Desmond

At ESI, Elizabeth applies a strong background in finance, economics, and statistical analysis to a wide range of projects.

Lily Ho

At ESI, Lily Ho is a Research Analyst, who offers her strong background in data visualization, cartographic design, and spatial analysis.

Peiyong Yu

Peiyong Yu is a Research Analyst. Peiyong has experiences with spatial and statistical analysis, transportation planning and economic analysis, and proficiency in ArcGIS, R-Studio, and Excel.


Ian Bowen is a Senior Research Analyst for Econsult Solutions, Inc. In 2012, Ian received his Bachelor of Science in Economics from Drexel University.


Mike Daly is a Marketing Assistant at Econsult Solutions, Inc. He assists in generating content for the company website, designing campaigns, and other marketing tasks.


Wendy Gabriele is the Secretary/Treasurer of Econsult Solutions, Inc. She heads the Administrative Department as Office Manager.

Jing Liu

Jing Liu is a GIS Research Analyst where she specializes in spatial analysis, quantitative analysis, and data visualization.

Laura Burtner

Laura is a Marketing and Administrative Assistant with ESI and Roubini ThoughtLab.

Rebecca DeJoseph

Rebecca DeJoseph is a Senior Research Analyst. She is a graduate of Temple University where she earned a Masters in Economics.


Meg Gruwell is an Administrative Associate at Econsult Solutions, Inc. She schedules meetings, orders and manages office supplies, assists in bookkeeping, supervises contract employees.

Lee Perry

Lee joined ESI in 2013 part-time as an Administrative Associate. Eventually she was offered a full-time position bringing over 20 years of administrative experience.