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Jing Liu

Jing Liu is a GIS Research Analyst at Econsult Solutions, Inc. (ESI) where she specializes in spatial analysis, quantitative analysis, and data visualization. Prior to joining ESI in 2016, Jing received her Master’s in City Planning and Urban Spatial Analytics from the University of Pennsylvania. Her thesis GIS project aimed at improving the traditional travel demand forecasting model by incorporating spatial variables and spatial regression concept. Her second year studio was NY-NJ Crossrail Studio, whose focus was on applying lessons from London’s Crossrail project to New York’s fragmented and capacity-constrained regional rail network in order to maintain and expand current infrastructure, and bolster region-wide economic growth. Jing’s contribution to the studio is designing station area development plans and conducting economic impact analysis for major stations.

Jing received her Bachelors of Science in Management from Renmin University of China, with an emphasis on Land Use and Real Estate Management. Her senior thesis evaluated the feasibility of land development right transactions in suburbs of Beijing.