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Responsible Banking Analysis


We all benefit from having the right information available in a transparent and objective manner, and banking isn’t an exception. The Great Recession which followed the Financial Crisis of 2008 and subsequent Housing Market Crash spurred a revitalized demand for updated policies, and increased level of transparency, oversight and accountability from the banking industry as a whole.

Building on our previous work in the cities of New York and Philadelphia, and in collaboration with Next City, Econsult Solutions (ESI) has analyzed data from 25 cities across the nation examining the lending and loaning practices and policies of national banks. We based the data analysis on 8 key metrics: Branch locations, home loans and denial rates per 1,000 households, cross matched and divided by upper-income, lower-income, non-minority, and minority Census Tracts. The result being an interactive map of the 25 cities studied.

ESI offers expert insight and comprehensive experience in data analysis for Fair Lending studies, Credit Needs Assessments, policy evaluations and other disparity studies. Using econometrics, regression analysis and strategic guidance. We apply this expertise to inform whether and how communities are fairly accessing banking services.

Our experts have decades of experience in community and economic development, banking, management, financial, and public consultation. They are led by ESI Senior Vice President Lee Huang, who has engaged in several banking-related policy issues and have advised clients for several years.

If you are interested in acquiring our raw data and analysis pertaining to each city or wish to learn more about the project, please contact ESI Senior Vice President and Principal Lee Huang.

Key areas of specialization include: