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Solutions For: Economic and Fiscal Impacts

    The Avenue of the Arts
    ESI was retained by the Avenue of the Arts, Inc. to measure and articulate the depth and breadth of the economic impact from the non-arts developments along South Broad Street.
    University of Pennsylvania
    ESI estimated the economic and fiscal impacts the university has on the Greater Philadelphia Region and Pennsylvania.
    Parkway Council Economic Impact Study
    ESI conducted a study on the economic, fiscal, educational, and social impact the Parkway institutions have on both the City of Philadelphia and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
    Economic Impacts of Rutgers Athletic and Future Implications of the Big Ten
    A comprehensive economic impact study was conducted on Rutgers University athletics as the department continues to evolve in the Big Ten Conference.

Economic & Fiscal Impact Studies

Econsult Solutions, Inc. (ESI) has extensive experience assessing the economic and fiscal impacts of institutions and real estate and economic development projects, Whether it’s to help guide economic development policy, support a specific narrative, or enable strategic decision-making by comparing the benefits and costs of implementing a particular initiative, these analyses are critical to understanding the full effect of projects and policies and complete the narrative around economic impact.

As a leading provider of economic and fiscal impact studies, we are uniquely qualified to assist a wide variety of clients including state and local governments, school districts, institutions, associations, companies, and real estate developers. We have a proven track record of gathering information efficiently, employing state of the art techniques and offering cutting edge analysis and interpretation. Our analyses provide a defensible estimate of the impacts of construction projects, large infrastructure operations, policies, and public reforms on the cities, regions, and states in which they are located. The impact analyses have also been used for entitlements, government incentives applications, and the EB-5 program.

Our key services include:

  • Jobs and wage impacts
  • Spending analysis
  • Tax revenue analysis
  • Property value change
  • Retail and development activity
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Input-output modeling

Our dynamic team includes: Stephen P. Mullin, an expert in state and public finance and policy analysis, economic and real estate development Lee Huang, M.P.A., with immense experience supporting public, private, and non-profit clients on neighborhood change, tax policy, real estate development, economic and fiscal impacts, and financial modeling; Andrea Mannino, M.P.A., who leads projects on economic development and market studies for both market rate developments and affordable housing.

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