Wealth and Asset Management 2021

Technological, economic, and demographic shifts will upend the wealth industry. 

These changes will occur at hyper-speed and create immense global wealth over a more diverse set of investors willing to switch providers if their rising demands are not met.

Those that digitally transform their business will see strong gains. Those that move too slowly will fall behind or out of the race completely.

Wealth and Asset Management 2021: Preparing for Transformative Change will help executives understand the far-reaching implications and future of wealth management.

“In emerging markets, populations are going from low per-capita to medium per-capita income - and creating a middle class that will save more. If we're going to live longer then when we work, we will need to save more to have enough savings for old age. These shifts, combined with greater technological access, will greatly widen the global pool of investors in the future.”  

  -Dr. Nouriel Roubini


Roubini research shows massive wealth creation over the next five years. Household assets will raise by $89 trillion in 25 key countries, with emerging markets such as China, Poland and Mexico leading the pack. The rise in household assets in these markets alone will pump over $50 trillion into the wealth industry.

"Even in normal times, wealth executives face a complex set of global economic, market, and regulatory challenges. But these are hardly normal times. Many investment providers in our survey do not appreciate how fast these changes will happen and are not fully prepared to meet the rising client expectations."

 -Lou Celi, Ceo, Roubini ThoughtLab

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Asset Managers Expect to Be Using Blockchain in Five Years (coindesk.com) - A new survey has found that nearly two-thirds (64%) of asset managers expect to be using blockchain technology within the next five years.

Conducted by consultancy, Roubini ThoughtLab, the findings are part of a report entitled "Wealth and Asset Management 2021", a broad research offering that aimed to study how investment providers are embracing new technologies. Read more here.

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The "SMAC Stack" will become utility technologies for investment providers in the future. The more influential technologies to watch, such as blockchains and artificial intelligence, are the fast-growing smart technologies that can differentiate a customer's experience and catapult investor providers ahead of others in the digital race. 


To provide a clear vision of the future, Roubini ThoughtLab conducted a rigorous study that included four research elements: A survey of 2,000 investors in 10 leading markets; a survey of 500 investment providers, advisory meetings and interviews with more than 50 industry leaders and experts, and in-depth economic modeling of wealth trends conducted by a team of economists led by Dr. Nouriel Roubini.


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