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Public Policy and Finance

State and local governments are increasingly confronted with difficult choices regarding tax policies, school funding, the provision of public services and public infrastructure and human capital investment.

Econsult Solutions is uniquely qualified to help state and local governments develop strategies to efficiently deliver public services demanded by residents, develop tax revenue streams that are fair and impose the least distortion to the private economy, and make the investments necessary — in both bricks-and-mortar and people — to ensure a locality’s future competitiveness.

We have wide and deep expertise in identifying and analyzing the competitive strengths and weaknesses as well as the broader economic forces affecting state and local economies. We regularly assist governments with identifying the most efficient mechanisms to pay for the public provision of goods and services, and highlight the economic implications of alternative choices.
We review tax policies and rates to identify and measure their impacts on individuals, businesses and governments.

Our staff includes nationally recognized experts in public finance and urban economics, including a former Commerce and Finance Director for two major US cities.
Our engagements have included analyses of economic impacts of local taxes on economic activity, evaluation of alternative tax structures for school finance, assessments of public investments in economic development activities, and analyses of the factors affecting productivity of government agencies and public authorities.

ProvenceKey areas of specialization include:

  • State and local economies
  • Project funding
  • Tax policy
  • Public-private partnerships
  • Mechanisms of local public finance
  • Mechanisms for public choice
  • Public sector program evaluation
  • Reform preparation

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