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Transportation connects communities and individuals to places. Few issues are of higher importance for the economic development and quality of life of communities; yet because transportation infrastructure and operation are expensive, our clients face multiple challenges including funding, maintenance, and investments for the future.

Econsult Solutions’ Transportation Practice provides a clear understanding of the economics driving the household and governmental transportation choices that are crucial to guide private and public transportation investments. We are skilled at answering many of the strategic questions surrounding transportation investment and operations.

Econsult Solutions’ financial and economic skills are a natural complement to engineers, planners, government officials, transportation authorities and operators. Our staff includes nationally recognized experts in transportation economics, with experience as past Board members of a large transit authority, members of a statewide transportation funding and reform commission, and instructors in transportation infrastructure and economics.

We have worked on projects involving transportation providers of all sizes, including SEPTA, Amtrak, PATH, WMATA, PHL, and performed a variety of services, including ridership estimates, real estate, and financing, and valuing the impact of transportation on regions.

ProvenceKey Areas of Specialization include:

  • Assessing economic feasibility and impacts of  transportation investments
  • Identifying innovative ways to advance transportation investments
  • Evaluating the impact of transportation on land markets, urban development, and urban sprawl
  • Evaluating transportation choices in the context of transportation and asset markets
  • Analyzing the role of transportation choices in the context of broader public policies, especially economic development and land use
  • Transit-oriented development and planning

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