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Solutions For: Universities and Hospitals


We understand that as institutions of higher education and healthcare, you require specialized analyses to showcase your success and the valuable impact of your work to a variety of stakeholders.

Your contribution comes not only from your role in advancement of knowledge and healthcare, but also from being significant providers of economic activity, community-serving initiatives, and resources and visitor spending. We can help you demonstrate how it benefits your immediate community, neighboring counties, state region, and beyond.

Econsult Solutions, Inc. has positioned itself as a preferred provider of economic and fiscal impact studies for institutions of higher education and healthcare as a result of its depth of input-output modeling experience, understanding of the role of universities as regional economic development engines and ability to translate complex economic concepts into understandable narratives and visuals.

Our services include:

  • Impacts of construction projects
  • Economic and fiscal impacts of large infrastructure operations
  • Policies and public reforms on the cities impact analysis
  • Local engagement analysis
  • Regional and state impact analysis
  • Development planning and recommendations

Our team is led by Lee Huang, MGA, who has managed the economic impact team for nearly 10 years. He has worked with the region’s higher education institutions and hospitals to provide economic and fiscal impact analyses and strategic advisory services. Another ESI expert includes Ethan Conner-Ross, MPA, who has worked on many economic impact studies for different universities and hospitals.


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